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  • YM Paralegal Services

    I was so very fortunate to have Yulyia help me navigate through an incredibly stressful situation and find a resolution in a timely manner. I cannot recommend Yulyia more highly. She is a truly lovely person to deal with.  Thank you once again Yulyia!

    Andree Wakeham
  • YM Paralegal Services

    We have been property landlords for nearly 30 years and, in our experience, finding a good paralegal is difficult. Yulia is the exception!

    Due to some communication issues with the Landlord and Tenant Board, we had less than a week to prepare for our hearing. Despite this, Yulia worked relentlessly hard and, in the end, won our case. Although Google’s rating system only goes up to 5 stars, I would gladly give Yulia double that!  I strongly recommend her services to anyone searching for a hardworking and committed paralegal.

    Alec Zakala
  • YM Paralegal Services

    Yuliya is an amazing professional and a great person. We were unfortunate to deal with the tenant who was behind on rent for several months and, at the same time, was threatening us, badly damaging our property and engaging in illegal activities. Situation became much worse with COVID lockdown and we were truly desperate.

    On the edge of the nervous breakdown we called Yuliya and everything changed.
    She listened to our story, explained our rights and took under control communication with the tenant. It was a hard process but Yuliya was there every step of the way handling extensive paperwork and responding to multiple requests from Rental Enforcement Unit and LTB. In a short period of time tenant was evicted and we got our house back. We could not have gone though it without her guidance and support. I sincerely wish nobody to deal with bad tenants or to go through eviction process, but if you have to, I can not imagine more dedicated, reliable and knowledgeable person than Yuliya.

    Anastasiia Stasiuk
  • YM Paralegal Services

    I hired ym paralegal services As my landlord was trying to kick us out on the streets While the pandemic was going on And we were in a lockdown
    Although My situation Has not been Totally resolved At this point yet She stood by me , guarded me through this whole process And ensures me that me and my family will not be out on the streets
    She would not allow him to bully me If this goes to court I will definitely be hiring her Again
    Thank you so much For everything you've done so far

    Tamie Burns
  • YM Paralegal Services

    Yuliya represented me during a hearing with a non paying tenant. She did a great job preparing me for the hearing for several scenarios depending on my tenant's behavior, as well as negotiated with the tenant. Everything ended with the the best possible outcome considering the circumstances. Yuliya proved herself as knowledgeable, thorough and diligent.

    Svetlana Rubejov
  • YM Paralegal Services

    I am writing to recommend the services of Yulia Mochanova of YM Paralegal Services. Yulia worked tirelessly to assist us with a troubled tenant and ultimately negotiated an end to their tenancy backed by a court order to evict.

    I feel confident in recommending Yulia’s paralegal services and she will be the first person I call should I require paralegal services in the future.

    She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

    Henry W.
  • YM Paralegal Services

    Yuliya is an exemplary, diligent, and gifted paralegal par excellence.

    We were targeted by our landlord who, cutting corners, did not take too kindly to my husband—an expert in construction—pointing out the many illegalities of his plumbing project.

    Though these illegalities even led to the Ministry of Labor shutting the project down until certain recommendations were implemented, the landlord ignored these and tried to evict us instead, claiming that we caused damages.

    Though our case was complex and intentionally convoluted, Yuliya represented us with utmost professionalism, patience, and esprit, and because of these qualities decisively won our case.

    Moreover, she has also proven herself most capable at an AGI hearing where we and other tenants got a very fair deal.

    All in all, Yuliya was always quick to respond to our calls and emails, very easy to talk to, and very proficient when it came to organizing our case.

    We recommend Yuliya to any tenant who is having problems with a landlord who puts money far above common decency.

    L2 and AGI applications.

    Wanda Wasylow
  • YM Paralegal Services

    We had rent increase application above guideline ( 2 and 4 Superior ave., Toronto).

    We hired Yuliya Molchanova to work with our application.

    She did amazing job. She analyzed application and then collected all information from tenants about really done job which was claimed in application. Then she checked all invoices one by one from owner about really done job. Finally she finds out some invoices and job which had no relation to our rent increase. It take her almost 2 hour during court hearing to go through each single invoice and discuss with owner representative some suspicious and not related to us invoices. Her argumentation during hearing was strong and reasonable.

    As result initial 0.98% rent increase was down to 0.65%. Looks like not too much, but nevertheless it is over 30% decrease and she helped to us to save our money!  For sure, if we need help from paralegal we will hire Yuliya again.

    AGI application.
  • YM Paralegal Services

    After one paralegal gave up on us, we hired Yuliya to get rid from a problem tenant.

    She was very methodical preparing the case, with great attention to every detail.

    We were well prepared for the LTB hearing and the ruling was in our favor. Also after the case was closed Yuliya kept informing us about procedures and saved us a lot of headache. She is highly professional and caring!

    Elen Sharon

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